Fruit Enzyme Powder

Author:sinuoteViews:Time:2015-05-05 09:08:27

1. The enzyme is what?
Enzyme is also called "enzyme" is a kind of catalytic activity of the protein, mainly composed of 20 different amino acids are beneficial.
2. The enzymes have side effect?
Enzyme for pure plant extracts, does not add any western medicine or chemical composition, not with other healthy food or drug intolerance, nor do not take the limit of total, no side effects, and therefore can be long-term use.
3. The importance of the enzyme
Both animals and plants, all living things need enzyme activities in.The body is not exceptional also, digestion and absorption of food intake every day, not only the operation of each organ, cell in the body metabolism is dependent on the enzyme, and break down into the body of any material also need enzyme activity to complete.People often think of "our food to our health", in fact, precise, should be able to digest in us, the breakdown and absorption of food determines our health.Food only is first decomposed into the body can absorb, can provide nutrients for us.And this process is accomplished by enzyme and enzyme is to digest food and the large pieces of food into small particles of the compounds.Under the action of enzymes and proteins are broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars, fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol...If enough enzymes, active enough, this process is difficult, unable to break down food, the body will not absorb the nutrients needed.Visible, enzyme has a how big influence to the health of modern people.